Juliet Weber: has been one of the top editors at HBO Documentaries. Her work includes Mr. Conservative (HBO, 2006 Election Premiere), a portrait of Barry Goldwater; A Rape in A Small Town: The Florence Holway Story (HBO) for which she was nominated for a 2006 Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Editing; Diary of a Political Tourist on the 2004 Democratic primaries (HBO); Unchained Memories: Reading from the Slave Narratives (HBO); Three Sisters: Searching for A Cure on Project A.L.S.; Sister Helen, on a Benedictine nun and her rehab center (Co-Editor, HBO Cinemax); Daughter of the Bride (HBO, Academy Award Nominee); The Restless Conscience on the German resistance to Hitler during WWII (Co-Editor, Academy Award Nominee). She has also edited a number of dramatic features including Robert Altman’s Prisoners of Inertia, about Watergate, which won the Critics Prize at the Berlin Film Festival.

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